As an experienced cleaner of ovens, I feel it important to explain a few of the processes involved in the clean of your oven and explain why I go that little bit further!!

Step 1


On most ovens there is a fan in the rear which is surrounded by a coiled heating element which generates large amounts of heat. This is a main area of concern as fat and grease can build up around this and become a fire hazard. Any oven I clean, I endeavour to remove the back panel and fan for cleaning, giving us access to the area of concern, above and beyond most oven cleaners in Bedford and St Neots!

We start the process of cleaning your Oven

Step 2


All doors are removed and taken apart for detailed cleaning, giving access to internal areas of glass which can be missed by other oven cleaners. All removed parts are placed in our purpose made heated dip tank which is fitted in my van for deep cleaning.

Now your oven doors have to come off.

Step 3


The shell of the oven is cleaned, knobs, seal and any other area cleaned, the reassembled to leave you with a spotless appliance! You can rest assured…I don’t finish until its clean!

Your oven is now 100% clean and sparkly

Step 4

28.8.13 after
29.7.13 2 after
The Neff gray shelled oven after clean!